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Residents of the Southeast Florida and Houston regions know all about the hurricanes that frequent the areas and cause their fair measure of stress that comes in the form of destruction, floods, and power outages. While you can’t stop power outages and hurricanes from happening, you can certainly do something to minimize their effects so that you can continue living life as normally as possible by investing in generator services.

Get in touch with Personalized Power Systems, your local generator experts who can set you up with a standby generator installation, repair, or maintenance services.

Our Service Areas

PPS is a proud provider of generator services in many parts of Texas and Florida, including Houston and Southeast Florida. 

In the dynamic landscape of Southeast Florida, power disruptions are a reality. Our generator services in Southeast Florida offer a robust solution. Whether you’re in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, or Palm Beach, we’ve got your back with dependable generators that ensure you’re always in control. We serve all these regions and their surrounding areas of Southeast Florida:

  • Ft. Lauderdale
  • Boca Raton 
  • Palm Beach
  • Miami

Discover unparalleled generator services in the heart of Texas! Houston, a city known for its vibrant energy, demands reliable power solutions. Our generator services in Houston ensure your business or residence stays powered up, no matter the circumstances. Trust us to keep your lights on and operations running smoothly in all these regions of Houston, TX:

  • League City
  • Pearland
  • Kingwood
  • Montgomery
  • All Other Surrounding Areas

Benefits of Standby Generators

Standby generators offer numerous benefits that you cannot afford to miss out on as a resident in either Southeast Florida or Houston. Here are some advantages of standby generators that can help you during the stormy seasons:

Automatic Operation

Standby generators are designed to automatically start and restore power within seconds of detecting an outage. This automation ensures a seamless transition, thus eliminating the need for manual intervention, making them highly convenient for both residential settings.

Continuous Power Supply

Standby generators are capable of providing a continuous and stable power supply for an extended period. This will help you feel unaffected by whatever is going on outside, whether it is a hurricane or a power outage caused by infrastructure challenges.

Protects Against Power Outages

Power outages aren’t just inconvenient, but can also be a safety risk. When you have a standby generator, you get to benefit from ongoing protection against these outages. The impact of downtime won’t be as severe and you will get to live your life safely and comfortably.

Preservation of Perishables

Standby generators are also imperative for preserving food items in refrigerators and freezers. They prevent spoilage, helping you hold onto those groceries. This is important in today’s economy where prices on groceries are skyrocketing.

Generator Services We Offer

Personalized Power Systems offer a full range of generator services that you can count on. From the initial installation work to repairs and ongoing or routine maintenance, we are here to ensure that your generator needs are fulfilled at the highest level of quality.

We provide the highest industry standards for generator installation. From selecting the perfect generator for your household’s needs to the installation and clean up, you will find the process stress-free and seamless with our electricians.

Is your generator not working as it should? With PPS, your generator will be restored to full function in no time. Get in touch with us for any of the following repair issues: 
  • Fuel system problems 
  • Starting issues
  • Engine troubles
  • Electrical system failures
  • Exhaust system concerns
  • Fuel injector issues 
  • Many more!
Nothing is too challenging for our team of generator repair experts. Call us now to schedule your repair service.

At PPS, we provide ongoing maintenance for generators that will help you get the most out of your unit. This will ensure that your generator works at the highest quality and is always reliable when you need it most. 

Take advantage of our ongoing remote monitoring services that monitor the condition of your generator and provide prompt responses to repair issues, when needed.

Why Choose Personalized Power Systems?

Personalized Power Systems (PPS) is one of the largest full-service residential generator dealers in Florida and Houston, Texas. We have completed thousands of generator installation services. We are ready to serve you with a team of trained electricians and professional installers, a fleet of radio-dispatched trucks, and a large inventory of quality replacement parts.

  • Over 20 years in the generator business
  • 24-Hour Emergency Generator Service
  • Licensed and highly skilled electricians 
  • Prompt response times to all generator services

Contact PPS for Your Generator Services

Are you in need of a new generator, repair, or maintenance services?

Contact PPS Generators for first-class generator services in Southeast Florida or Houston, TX. Our electricians will see to your every need with professionalism and skill to keep your power running.

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What Our Clients Say

Owning a generator have never been easier.

Generator FAQ

We have used PPS for our generator, pool heater and electrical. Each time we contact them, their response and reaction time is immediate. It has been a pleasure to deal with their efficient and knowledgeable staff. They really took the time to make sure we knew how to run and test our equipment. We have and will continue to recommend PPS.

George Kervern

Personalized Power Systems
Generator FAQ

Just before Hurricane Irma hit I called and asked for a technician to look at a friend’s generator which had not been used for over 6 years. My friend is not an existing customer. They scheduled a technician to come out on the day before the storm hit while I am sure they were very busy with other customers. The response time was impressive and appreciated.

Kevin C Gleason

Personalized Power Systems
Generator FAQ

Over the course of several years, Personalized Power installed two generators for me, and I never had any issues with the equipment, installation, or servicing. If you service them properly, and exercise on a schedule, there should be no reason for failure.

Nick Csakany

Personalized Power Systems

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