The Cost of a Standby Generator in Florida

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In preparation for the colder fall and winter months, Personalized Power Systems takes time each year to educate the public on all things related to generators. In places where hurricanes are the norm, generators are a must-have piece of equipment for each home. They are the saving grace that provides essential power during power outages after crazy storms, such as the most recent Hurricane Ian. In this article, we discuss the big money question and break down the cost of a generator. 

How Much Does a Whole House Generator Cost?

A generator’s cost depends upon the size and type of the generator. In general, generator sizes range between 2,000 watts and 48,000 watts. Generators come in four types of generators: gasoline, propane, natural gas, and diesel. The type of generator factors greatly into the cost of the generator you choose. Of course, the generator that is right for your home will depend on its size and the power source that will best suit your home. These things will all be determined with the help of the technicians at Personalized Power Systems

Gasoline Generator 

Generators powered by gasoline are on the low end of generator costs. Typically, you can expect a price between $500 to $2,500, depending on the size of the generator. Though this price range is more manageable than that of propane or diesel generators, it is crucial to keep in mind that gasoline generators are limited in their capacity. 

For example, most gasoline generators can accommodate only three to ten kilowatts, making them an excellent option for specific rooms of your home, like a kitchen or bathrooms. It will not power an entire home. If you’re using your generator for a mobile home or an off-grid location, it will work well in that case. 

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Propane Generator

Propane generators are another great way to provide your home with that backup energy that will save the day during a power outage. The cost for a propane gas generator is typically between $2,000 to $6,000, depending on the size of your home. Most people love propane because it burns cleaner fuel. It is safer for the environment, and the fuel lasts longer. However, propane is more expensive to refill than gasoline and natural gas. 

It is important to note that propane generators can either be portable or installed permanently in your home. Portable generators are less expensive (up to $4,000) and do provide the flexibility of being used in different locations. Whether you choose the portable option or a permanent installation will depend on your budget and needs. 

Natural Gas Generator

Natural gas generators have a similar cost to propane generators, with a cost ranging from $2,000 to $6,000. Many people choose a natural gas generator because it can be hooked up to the city’s grid without needing additional fuel. This cost-friendly option is appealing to many who do not want to buy fuel to power their generators. 

Diesel Generator 

Diesel generators are loved by many homeowners for their efficiency and reliability. Though these generators carry a heavy price tag ranging from $3,300 to $18,000, they offer a piece of mind and longevity for those who need whole-home energy. The price you end up paying for a diesel generator will largely depend on the size of your home and whether your generator is portable or not. 

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Are you in need of a generator for your home? Whether you live in Florida or Texas, you will need an additional source of energy for those crazy weather storms and hurricanes. Generators are like insurance for the power in your home. Contact Personalized Power Systems today at (561) 349-6835.