Kohler vs. Generac: Which Generator is Better in a Power Outage?

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As part of National Preparedness Month, we would like to highlight the importance of investing in emergency preparedness for Texas and Florida homeowners. Part of this emergency preparedness is purchasing a standby generator for your home to ensure your power needs are met during hurricane season.

The market currently offers a handful of standby generators that provide various features for your home. This article will compare the differences between two well-known brands of generators: Kohler and Generac. While many standby generators are made differently in style and function, their essential purpose is the same: to provide emergency power when it is needed. We will break down the expected lifespan, installed power capacity, storage options, and installation. We hope this helps you understand which generator is right for you.

Kohler Generator System

Kohler has a long history of building generators that consistently support the power needs of homes and businesses worldwide. They are masterfully designed and thoroughly tested throughout the entire production process. The rigorous testing and quality assurance metrics ensure that each generator delivers the needed energy when needed.

Benefits & Characteristics of Using Kohler for Backup Power

Kohler is a world-renowned name for creating excellent standby power resources. Here are some benefits and characteristics of the backup power equipment that many customers enjoy about this manufacturer:

  • Advanced voltage and frequency regulation to meet the power needs of any household
  • High reliability as both a residential and commercial backup generator
  • Built with the Exclusive PowerBoost technology which helps power the generator system quickly and efficiently
  • Programmed to test itself every week for 20 minutes. During this test, it produces a diagnostic check to ensure that it is in good working condition.
  • Both residential and commercial generators by Kohler are built with remote monitoring, allowing you to manage their operation even off-site.

Many commercial and residential customers choose Kohler standby generators because they offer a reliable lifespan, excellent power, flexible storage options, and easy installation. We go into detail about these features below.


Kohler generators are very reliable. They are extremely well built with materials that withstand any weather. Kohler commercial generators have been used on South Pole expeditions where temperatures are consistently freezing.

  • The encasing of the generator is corrosion-proof and will last despite any harsh weather conditions.
  • We are always impressed with the lasting power of a Kohler generator at about 25-40 years.
  • The manufacturer offers a 5-year and 2000-hour warranty for on-grid use for extra peace of mind.
  • If you choose to use this generator system in off-grid locations, the warranty protection is good for 18 months and 1000 hours.

Power & Reliability

Kohler generators are easy to load and store around the perimeter of your home. They do not require a mounting pad, which gives you options of where to put it. Unlike some other generators, Kohler is quiet and will allow you to enjoy your peaceful home as it works to power your home.

Did you know that buying a standby generator is an investment in the value of your home? Read about it on our blog to learn more.

Storage Options & Installation

Kohler generators are easy to store around the perimeter of your home. They do not require a mounting pad, which gives you options of where to put it. Unlike some other residential and commercial generators, Kohler is quiet and will allow you to enjoy your peaceful home as it works to power your home.

Installing a Kohler generator is an easy process. As we already mentioned, this generator does not require a concrete mounting pad because it is made with a polymer base.

In short, buying a Kohler generator is buying yourself peace of mind and allowing yourself to breathe easily even through a power outage. Your home and all appliances will fully function despite the weather outside.

Generac Standby Generators

Generac has been around for over 60 years and has consistently produced high-quality generators for residential, commercial, and industrial use. They carry a very large selection line of generators at an affordable price.

Benefits & Characteristics of a Generac Generator System

The expertise with which Generac generator systems were built helped them remain distinguished and set apart from many of the other generators on the market. Here are some of their characteristics:

  • Built with the G-Force Engine: a pressure-lubricated engine that delivers highly reliable power without requiring extra maintenance
  • Truepower Technology: delivers a clean source of power, allowing your electronics and appliances to operate without distorting power flow
  • Quiet-Test Self-Test Mode: The generator system will test itself and will do so quietly for 12 minutes while consuming less diesel or other types of fuel
  • Evolution Controller: comes with an LCD and excellent lights to ensure that you can access the status of the battery and maintenance needs


Generac residential and commercial generators are very reliable and will last a long time, regardless of the site of its installation. However, the total lifetime of your standby generator also largely depends on how often it is used, how well it is maintained, and the quality of the initial installation.

The lifespan of a Generac generator is just a little shorter than a Kohler, at about 25 to 30 years of service. It is designed with Generac’s signature RhinoCoat powder-coated finish helps protect the diesel generator from corrosion and damage from strong weather storms. Like Kohler, it also runs a self-diagnostic test to ensure it works properly.

Power Reliability for Home

Much like Kohler, Generac generators also protect your appliances and electronics. It functions on a sensitive system, Truepower Technology, that moderates the power delivered to the various devices throughout the home. This prevents too much load and damage to your electrical equipment.

Generac built their generators with the customer in mind by providing the capability to control and operate them from your phone, tablet, or computer. This is convenient and allows you full control of this important investment in your home.

Storage Options & Installation

Generac standby generator systems are easy to place around the perimeter of the home. Because they are enclosed in a white casing, for example, they are very sleek and will not ruin the aesthetics of your home.

Installing a Generac generator is not expensive or difficult. Most of the work will be carried out by an expert generator installation technician. In short, these generator systems are built to make the homeowner’s life easier and more peaceful without a heavy cost. Plus, there are also great options available for those who need a commercial generator to power their building with reliable business power during an outage.

Residential and Commercial Backup Generator Installation

Are you still not sure of the type of generator you should get for your home? Don’t sweat it, this high-dollar investment will require multiple conversations with the experts on all things related to home and commercial generators. Allow us to help you determine the best possible backup power options for your home.

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