Benefits of Natural Gas Home Generator

Benefits of Natural Gas Home Generator

Anyone who lives in Boca Raton, Florida, and its surrounding regions knows they live in the path of hurricanes and other severe storms. These storms have devastating effects, leaving many without electricity and hot water for days. For this reason, it is important to be prepared with backup energy that is provided by a standby generator. There are several types of generators for homeowners to choose from, but this article will discuss natural gas home generators and their benefits.

What is a Natural Gas Home Generator?

When thinking about generators, most people think about diesel as they are the most prevalent in the generator market. Natural gas generators are coming up close behind diesel generators, which we believe will soon be more popular than diesel. Powered by natural gas, these generators are found to be more efficient and cleaner for the environment. Natural gas home generators offer homeowners many benefits, but we dive into the top five below.


One of the reasons why natural gas generators are attracting many buyers is that their fuel type is cheaper to buy than diesel. Though initial installation costs are a tad higher than diesel, the lower long-term costs of fuel offset those initial costs.

Clean Burning

Natural gas home generators are one of the best for burning clean fossil fuels. When compared to diesel generators, they produce 90% less emissions. They also produce half the sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and mercury.
This cleaner fuel source means that homeowners and their loved ones will breathe cleaner air with natural gas generators.


Natural gas is a very dependable source of fuel. Its production continues to increase each year and is readily available at all times. This allows homeowners to enjoy the backup energy they receive through natural gas generators without worrying about running out of fuel.
Gas lines also have fewer chances for outages simply because of the way they are installed deep into the ground. If nasty storms come your way, you will still get to use that generator to power your home.

Easy to Use

Many homeowners love natural gas home generators because of their simplified system. As a bonus, they are quieter to operate than diesel or gas generators, allowing you to enjoy peace as your home is being powered. Another bonus is that they do not produce an awful odor like those generator types.
One of the benefits of having a generator that produces lower emissions, like a natural gas generator, is that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not as strict with its standards as they are with other types of generators. As a result, obtaining a permit to operate one is easier, eliminating a lot of stress.

More Installation Options

Sometimes homeowners have a very limited amount of space for installing a generator. Because natural gas generators are installed beneath the ground, they will not interfere with your space or cause you to make any additional adjustments to your home or property.

No Fuel Spills

When using generators, many homeowners deal with fuel spills at one point or another during the life of their diesel generator. Natural gas home generators don’t run the risk of such spills because they are run on gas and are hidden deep in the ground, away from other objects. As a result, you won’t be one of those people cringing at wasted fuel or having to figure out how to clean the mess.
Because you won’t need gasoline or diesel for your generator, you won’t have to worry about storing it. This eliminates the headaches that come with having to think about state ordinances in regard to storing fuel onsite and keeping a generally safe storage area.

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