Kohler vs. Generac – Which Generator Manufacturer Should You Trust?

Kohler vs Generac - Which Generator Manufacturer should you trust? Personalized Power Systems

As the leading generator installation team, we at Personalized Power Systems (PPS) are frequently asked a common question and thus we dedicated a whole post to it. 

The question is, “Which brand is better? Kohler or Generac?”. Though this question can be answered in many different ways, we will provide you with a brief analysis of both manufacturers. 

The goal of this post is to help you, the consumer, make the best choice for your home. After all, you will need a reliable source of energy when the power goes out during another hurricane storm. Read on to learn how these two manufacturers compare. 

Kohler or Generac: Which is Better?

To provide you with the most fair assessment of both manufacturers, we chose five different criteria that most home generator experts look for when assessing the quality of a generator’s manufacturer and their product. These criteria include reputation and experience, product range, technology and features, service and support, and pricing. Below, you will find the definition for each criteria and a brief assessment of Kohler and Generac based on each of them. 

Reputation and Experience

When investing in high-dollar investment such as a generator, the manufacturer’s reputation and experience in the field is everything. How does the general public and the professionals of the industry view each brand? Is it widely accepted or is there a level of distrust among consumers and electricians alike? Here’s how Kohler and Generac perform in the “which is better?” assessment in the area of reputation and experience: 


As far as experience, Kohler comes out on the top, leading with over 100 years in the power generation industry. They have a long-standing reputation for the high-quality products they produce, using highly innovative engineering that continues to serve many households across America. 


Generac is also a well-known market leader in the power generation industry, though with only 60 years of experience. They have excelled in providing residential standby generators for homes in Florida, Texas, and other parts of the country. Many people love their generators for their reliability and performance. 

Product Range 

What types of generators does each manufacturer offer? Is it just one type of generator compatible with only one fuel source or is there a generous selection to choose from? See whether Kohler or Generac is better in terms of product range.


Kohler offers multiple a variety of generators that can be used with propane, gas, diesel, and natural gas. Their range of generators also come with the capacity to serve residential, commercial, or industrial settings, depending on your specific power needs.  


Generac’s line of generators is also diverse, catering to varying degrees of power needs in both residential and commercial settings. 

Technology and Features 

When you invest in a generator, it is important to consider the technology and features that make up the structure and functionality of it. Is the generator’s technology advanced and easy to use? Does it connect to WiFi and does it monitor performance and does it self-diagnose potential problems? Which is better in terms of technology, Kohler or Generac? Here are our thoughts: 


Kohler generators are known for the advanced technology and innovative features they have to offer. These generators provide a reliable source of clean energy with minimal distortions. Their built-in technological features and control panel are use-friendly and provide remote monitoring capabilities. 


Generac generators are renowned for their user-friendly design and cutting-edge features. Many Generac models include features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, mobile monitoring, and self-testing capabilities. Ease of use and accessibility are their top priorities.

Service and Support 

Does the manufacturer provide and support during or post the installation process? Can one rely on their customer service and dealers for excellent service and warranties? Here’s how each manufacturer performs in this area:


Kohler is known for its flexible and customer-facing warranties, as well as their excellent customer service practices. Because it is considered a favorite manufacturer among electricians, it is also widely represented by generator dealers such as PPS. 


Generac also offers stellar customer service and a wide service network among dealers. Their customer services provide technical support and maintenance as well. 


What type of pricing structure can one expect from each generator manufacturer? Are the prices fair or overpriced? Who offers better deals, Kohler or Generac? When considering the prices, it is important to consider the features offered and other factors of the generator. Here’s how this category pans out for each manufacturer:


Residential generators from Kohler range from 10kW to 48kW. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) ranges between $3,395 to $18,450, depending on the size required. This doesn’t factor in the installation costs to cover the required labor. Kohler generators also come with a 2,000 hour or 5-year warranty on standby generators.


Generac offers generators with a kilowattage of 7 kW to 60 kW, with a price range of  $2,049 to $17,569. The features offer Wi-Fi options and a transfer switch, which is typically required for generators. Generac’s warranty is 3 years long for parts of standalone generators. 

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And there you have it! A comparison of the two manufacturers to help you answer the question, “Which is better? Kohler or Generac?”. The answer to this question will depend upon your specific needs and budget. Contact PPS to learn more about your options and which generator will serve you best. Our crew will help you make a lasting, worthwhile decision for your household. Contact us to begin today!