Guide to Home Generators on the Market

natural gas home generator systems

If you’re not an electrician, then your working knowledge of generators might be limited. There’s no harm with that as each of us has their own areas of expertise. The team at Personalized Power Systems (PPS), however, is highly specialized at all things electricity and generators. In this blog, we will share a bit of our knowledge by diving deep into the different types of power generators for homes available on today’s market. 

Whole House

Many people who live in Texas have either heard of or are already using whole house generators in their homes. These power generators are large enough to accommodate all of your home’s needs when the power goes out. It can supply power to all the appliances, lights, and the air conditioning system. These types of generators are especially useful during hurricane season when people are frequently left without power. It is one of the most comfortable power generators for the home and will certainly provide a lot of peace during uncertain and chaotic times. 

Portable Generator Options

Portable generators are smaller than the whole house generators and can be easily moved from place to place. It is an excellent option to have when you use it for small projects, outdoor events, or traveling to campsites and off-grid locations. These types of generators are very loud and have to be turned on manually to deliver the needed power. Also, the capacity of portable generators is limited and they won’t be able to supply power to all appliances at once. 


Inverter power generators used in small homes are very energy efficient. They are designed to run according to the electrical demands, thereby using fuel only when it is necessary. As a result, they emit far less fuel and noise. Though they do cost more than portable generators, their lifespan and fuel usage is better in the long run. They are also better for the environment and are well suited to power electronics.


The most common power generators for homes are run on gasoline. This is because they are the most affordable to purchase and are widely available in many areas around the country. However, they aren’t the best option during a time of crisis, such as during a hurricane when driving to get gas isn’t recommended. Also storing the gasoline at home requires extra considerations for safety. They are the type of generators that can be used only outdoors and therefore, when you need an appliance powered, you will be at a great disadvantage.  

Diesel Powered Standby Power 

There are also diesel generators that deliver backup power when needed. These types of generators are far more economical than gasoline because diesel burns at a slower rate, allowing you to save money. They also last longer in general and are more affordable to operate over the long run. However, it is important to note that diesel generators emit a lot of fuel that is harmful and they are very loud during operation. Thus, they can only be used outside. 


The best generators are probably solar ones because they are run on renewable energy from the sun. Because they do not run on any fuel, they can be used indoors. Solar generators are fairly expensive to purchase but because you don’t have to buy fuel, you will be saving money in the long run. Keep in mind that solar generators are dependent on the sun. If they aren’t exposed to direct sunlight, they will not be as reliable during emergency situations at night or when there hasn’t been sunlight for a while. 

Natural Gas Home Generator Systems

The next best thing to solar is using a natural gas generator, which is a cleaner and most cost-effective option than gas or diesel. Though operational costs are low because they are hooked up to the grid’s gas lines, maintenance and installation can be costly simply because these services are labor intensive. 

Quality Installations of Power Generators for Homes

Are you considering getting a power generator for your home? Contact Personalized Power Systems today to request a quote and to learn about the options available for your home.