Comparison of Portable vs. Standby Home Generators

Comparison of Portable vs. Standby Home Generators for the Treasure Coast

Having a home generator for power outages is like having a lifeline during a crisis. That backup energy will go a long way to providing the safety, security, and energy needed in the home after a storm has passed through. As the top generator experts in Houston, TX, we get a lot of questions from homeowners about the differences between portable and standby generators. This blog will provide an overview of these types of generators and answer a few commonly asked questions about these topics. 

Portable Home Generators for Power Outages

Portable generators are built with the ability to be moved around from one location to the next, depending on where they are needed. They usually require a specific fuel source to provide the required energy. 


Many people are attracted to portable generators because they are less expensive. Their affordable price is easier on the household budget. Additionally, having the flexibility to move it around the property is a benefit that some people enjoy. 


The disadvantage of a portable generator is that it is very loud during operation. Additionally, its capacity to provide back energy is limited to only a few appliances at a time. Having to refuel the generator can be very inconvenient, especially if there are storms that make traveling difficult or fuel is scarce. 

Standby Home Generators 

Standby home generators for power outages are permanently installed outside the perimeter of your home. They are connected directly to the electrical system and power on as soon as the electricity goes out. These generators typically run on natural gas or propane and will provide power for the entire house. 


Standby generators are designed to and are the most reliable during power outages. They provide immediate backup energy when the power inside your home goes out. Many people enjoy the fact that they don’t have to refuel the generator to keep it running. 


Standby generators cost far more than a portable generator, but this is because of the many benefits they provide to the homeowner. They require professional installation and maintenance, requiring  the homeowner to make the time and resources available for these services. 

Is it Worth Getting a Whole House Generator?

Whether it’s worth getting a whole house generator greatly depends on where you live and your current energy needs. As you think about investing in a home generator for power outages, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What part of the country do you live in?
  • What frequency of power outages do you experience?
  • What are your home’s power needs?
  • What is your budget for a new generator?
  • Would you like to add value to your home by investing in a home generator?

The answers to these questions will help steer you in the right direction toward making a decision. You can also consult one of our knowledgeable generator technicians. They will be happy to answer any questions you might have.  

How Long is the Lifespan of a Home Generator?

A quality, well-maintained generator can last between 25-40 years. If you invest in maintenance services, you will get the most out of your generator and will get reliable energy, regardless of what is going on outside. 

How Many Days Can A Whole House Generator Run?

The number of days that your generator can run depends on its size, fuel source, and capacity it is designed to accommodate. In general, a generator can run up to 3,000 hours providing power for a mid-sized home. This is about 125 days of backup energy.

How Much is a Generator for Power Outages?

The cost of standby generators depends on factors like the manufacturer, the size of the unit, and its fuel source. For the most part, power outages can cost anywhere between $200 to $20,000. How much you pay will depend on your household’s needs. 

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