Choosing the Right Installation Location for Your Generator

Choosing the Right Installation Location for Your Generator - Personalized Power Systems | Boca Raton

One of the most critical parts of generator service in Boca Raton is proper installation. Generators are complex units equipped with fuel, mechanical and electrical parts that require great skill and consideration to ensure efficient and reliable operation. The role of a generator installation tech is to provide the safest installation based on these factors:

  • Proper generator sizing
  • Quality grounding
  • Correct fuel connections
  • Manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Regulations as required by local and state ordinances

Another important factor that plays a big role in how a generator operates is the location of where it is placed. In this blog, we will provide some of our top tips for how to choose a good spot for your generator. 

The Best Spot For Your Generator Depends on the Following

Why does the location of your generator matter? When technicians are preparing for an installation service, their biggest concern in terms of the generator’s location is safety. A generator must operate in a way that won’t hurt the safety of your environment. Here are some key considerations in generator installation: 

Local Codes and Regulations

Many state and location codes and regulations will have specific requirements for the installation of generators. They will require it to be installed within a specific distance from your home and your neighbor’s homes. Generator service techs in Boca Raton are experts regarding these regulations and will help you navigate through them. 

Clearances and Accessibility

The spot where the generator is installed must allow for proper ventilation and maintenance visits. If anything were to go wrong with your generator, the repair tech must be able to access it easily and safely. There also must be enough space for airflow, cooling, and access to all sides of the unit. 

Distance from Structures

As mentioned earlier, the generator must be placed within a safe distance from buildings, windows, or vents to prevent exhaust gasses, heat, and noise from entering enclosed spaces. Cnsult a generator service in Boca Raton about placing your generator safely on your property. 

Fuel Supply

If your generator requires propane or natural gas to run, ensure that it is installed near the fuel source. 

Noise Considerations

Some generators are louder than others, and this noise level is important to consider. Place the generator away from living areas and neighboring properties where the noise will inconvenience others. Also, be sure to consider any local noise regulations to prevent complaints from neighbors. 

Elevation and Drainage

Choose a location that is not prone to flooding and provides proper drainage to prevent water accumulation around the generator. Flooding can damage the generator and not every homeowners insurance company will cover the damage. Elevated areas can offer additional protection from water damage.


Generators are very expensive; any damage or theft will cost you a pretty penny if it isn’t covered by your homeowner’s insurance policy. Consider security measures to protect the generator from theft or vandalism. Install security cameras, motion sensor lights, or fencing to deter unauthorized access. Also be sure that it is placed in a way that isn’t easily accessible or attractive to small, curious children. 

Exhaust Direction

It is important that the generator is placed in such a way that its exhaust direction does not flow toward windows, air intakes, or places where people tend to pass through or congregate. This is an important safety consideration that must be prioritized for the health of everyone who may visit, live in or around your home. 

Leading Generator Service in Boca Raton

That is quite the list of considerations to take into account for choosing the correct spot for your generator! There are plenty of other important things to think about, which the PPS installation techs are happy to worry about on your behalf. Trust our team to do the heavy-lifting (and thinking) for you by calling (561) 264-5301.