Benefits of Stratton & Briggs Generators

Stratton & Briggs Generators

If you live in Florida or Texas, then you know how important the role that is carried out by generators to power the house during an outage. Hurricanes and other strong weather storms tend to leave many people without electricity, making generators a necessity. If you’ve made the decision to invest in this essential home equipment and are doing your research, you are in the right place to have your questions answered. Here we discuss the benefits of Stratton & Briggs generators and the three types this manufacturer offers.

Benefits of Power Generators for Residential Homes

Stratton & Briggs is one of the leading generator manufacturers that offers top quality equipment at a more affordable price when compared to Generac and Kohler. Due to the brand’s high quality and great value, this manufacturer is a popular choice among homeowners. When you buy a Stratton & Briggs generator, you can expect to reap the following benefits:

Durable Material

Stratton & Briggs puts in a lot of care in manufacturing durable power generators for homes. The outer casing of each generator is made with weather resistant material that will stay intact even during a hurricane. This is a very essential feature that protects your investment from damage.

Increase Home Value

When you buy a Stratton & Briggs generator for power outages, you will increase the value of your home due to the added convenience and safety of generators. This investment will help you sell your home quicker and at a better price, especially if the buyers are families with children. Every home buyer is interested in the security a home provides and a high quality, durable generator from Stratton & Briggs will go a long way to enhancing that security.

Lower Homeowners Insurance Bills

If you are ever away from your home during a power outage, you will be able to remain in peace because the generator will keep the electricity and your security system running. Therefore, you won’t have to make extra homeowners insurance claims, which will result in increased monthly premiums.

Comfort & Safety During a Power Outage

In times of stress like hurricanes, when power to homes is usually disrupted, Briggs & Stratton generators provide comfort and safety. When others will be struggling, you will feel less frazzled because all of your equipment and essential needs will be provided for by a power generator. This is how you stay unphased by the storms and allow them to pass through without having to flee to a place with power.

Types of Generators Stratton & Briggs Manufactures

Stratton & Briggs manufactures three types of generators to choose from, which we have broken down below. When you contact Personalized Power Systems to explore your options for a generator installation, our technicians can assist you in selecting the right generator to power your house and accommodate all your needs.

Select Circuit

If you want to save some money on generator costs, select-circuit generators are the most economical generators for power outages. Only ten electrical loads will be powered by these generators, which are limited to powering the essential amenities of your home. This will save significant costs and help you stay comfortable and safe during a power outage.

Managed Whole-House Power Generators

Another type of power generator for the home is the Managed Whole-House Power Generators. These generators provide a substantial amount of power but in a more efficient and eco-friendly way. All of your electrical needs will be provided with this type of generator.

Whole-House Generators

If you have a very large home, you will need an extra large generator to power the house during an outage. Whole-house generators from Briggs & Stratton are built to accommodate homes with high-wattage appliances and large square footage. These generators will ensure that your whole house is comfortable during a power outage, and you won’t feel the difference when the power is out.

Are You Equipped with a Generator for Power Outages?

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