Standby Generator Guide – Should You Buy A Standby Generator?

You have probably been there before. You are watching the news, keeping up with the latest updates on a storm that is headed your way, and suddenly the electricity goes out. Instantly, you are disconnected from the outside world. Your house is dark, you scramble around for candles and you and your family listen as the storm edges closer to your home.

Unfortunately, the time that it takes for your power to come back on could be days or even weeks due to the severity of the storm. When this happens, you are a presented with a wide range of problems that go beyond just not being able to see without a flashlight or candle. All of it could be prevented with a standby generator, but the question remains: is it worth it? If you value your home and family, the answer is likely yes.

The Dangers Of Not Having Electricity

When your electricity suddenly shuts off, you end up with a host of problems. Things like baby monitors, specialized medical equipment or other devices that require electricity are no longer going to work. Your refrigerator stops working which means all of your food runs the risk of spoiling. And if you live in a hot area, not having air conditioning can turn your home into a sweatbox.

Even when the electricity comes back on, you face more problems if the power suddenly surges, you can damage electronics that are plugged into the outlet. Generators will be able to prevent all of these issues.

Standby Generators Provide Uninterrupted Power

With a standby generator, your power will not be interrupted when the electricity goes back. You will have seamless access to power. The way it works is simple: as soon as the power grid loses power, your generator turns on by itself.

When the electricity comes back on, standby generators will wait for the power to stabilize before automatically shutting off. The power surge protector is there to ensure none of your appliances or electronics suffer.

Benefits Of Standby Generators During Storms

Having a generator for your property provides a lot of benefits when you are out of power. By having electricity to run your refrigerator or freezer, you are able to prolong the amount of food in your home. Special medical equipment and your air conditioning is able to stay turned on making it tolerable for your family.

It Is An Investment, But There Are Options

The one factor that prevents many people from considering a generator is the price. What you need to keep in mind, though, is that there are many different generator options available and you are making an investment in your property and family’s safety and well-being.

From generators that are designed to only power small portions of your home or critical items like refrigerators and air conditioners to full-home systems that keep your entire house powered, there are options available to meet most budgets and needs.