Preparing for Hurricane Season in Palm Beach

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WEST PALM BEACH, South Florida – The start of Hurricane season is about two weeks away and Palm Beach County Government wants to ensure proper preparation to reduce, if not eliminate, loss of lives and properties due to the effect of the hurricane.

On Wednesday, may 18 2016, over 150 county employees gathered together at the Emergency Operations Center to deliberate on the hurricane season ahead. As part of those efforts, they’ll be creating more evacuation zones and emergency responses in South Florida for the beginning of hurricane season, which will start on June 1, 2016.

Bill Johnson, Director of the Division of Emergency Management, stated that there are provisions for new devices, new equipment, new software and new procedures that will be used to eliminate or reduce the impact of another South Florida hurricane. He also stated that it is very important that they are on the safer side by making important preparations and provisions.

Be prepared: Look out for reports of a tropical storm forming in your area and make sure to start paying attention to the weather forecasts.  The National Hurricane Center provides regular storm updates and information every 6 hours. If there is the possibility of the storm developing into a hurricane, you can find out its projected path; the forecasts include a line indicating the storm’s anticipated route and what is known as a “cone of probability” around the line, which represents a reasonable distance margin for error.

Emergency officials greatly stress the importance of having a disaster kit available all year-round.

Below is a list of important items you need to have available before the hurricane season.

  • Make sure there are enough food and provisions, water suitable for domestic use and will last for at least 4 days in your home. It is recommended to have 1 gallon per person, per day.
  • If any member of your family is suffering from a medical condition make sure there is enough of the necessary drugs to withstand several days without being able to leave the house. Add them to a “special” first-aid kit.
  • Working radio and flashlight.
  • Have cash in hand. During and immediately after the hurricane, ATM machines and banks may not be available.
  • Most importantly, make sure to get a new, reliable stationary generator. Every radio, TV, and mobile phone will eventually run out of battery; with a stationary generator, you will be able to charge these devices and also provide light since total blackout may not be able to be avoided. You will greatly reduce the probability of being affected by a hurricane if you get a stationary generator.

If all the above important steps are followed, you will greatly reduce or totally eliminate the effects of the hurricane on you and your family.