How to Keep Kids Entertained During a Power Outage

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Power outages can bring quite a lot of issues, they can lower your productivity and at times they can even destroy some of your items that run on electric power. That being said, another issue can also be encountered during power outages, and that’s the fact that kids are getting bored very fast. With that in mind, we created a list that can help you entertain your kids with great results and less effort than you would expect.

  • You should have a few glow sticks because these are glowing in the dark and they can easily give at least an hour of fun for your kids, time in which electricity can come back.
  • You can also go camping in your family room, just create a small fort in the middle of the room and have fun with it.
  • If the outage takes place during the day, get social and play some social games as that can definitely eat up a lot of the time in which you can address all issues properly.
  • One can also cook a treat and then serve it to the entire family. As little as an ice cream or a brunch can easily deliver immense value and it will keep your kid’s mind away from the power outage
  • Puppet shows are really awesome and even if they take place during power outages they can be very entertaining
  • Hide and seek is a great game to play during these outages and it can really be a whole lot of fun. It delivers an extraordinary value and it will surely offer you great results in the end, just keep that in mind.
  • Card games can be amazing as well, but these should be played during the day, even though you can also play during the night if you have glow sticks.
  • Battleship is another cool game you should check out if you want to keep your kids entertained during the power outage.
  • Flashlight tag can be really nice to be honest, a stunning game with great moments and tons of fun
  • Singing along it a stunning activity and it can actually deliver some amazing moments, so you should check it out
  • Word games or old games like tumbling towers, jacks or pick-up sticks can really pay off.
  • Doing campfire food in the fireplace is a nice twist to the normal experience that you might have at home so do check this out.
  • People used to tell stories to their kids and it really was a lot of fun so one of the best activities if you want to keep kids entertained is to share some of the unknown stories about your life.
  • Play with LEGOs, because not only are these delivering an amazing experience, they also eat up immense chunks of time and that makes LEGO a great time waster during these situations.

You should try to implement as many of these ideas as you can if you want to get the best results it will definitely pay off. Focus on safety and keep your kid close because you don’t want them to get scared!