El Nino has 80% chance to be back in spring 2016-says National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration(NOAA). Further, it has a chance to last through the next winter.

El Nino is the warming up of the central and eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean which is periodic and anomalous. Due to reasons yet to be understood, this part of the ocean gets warmed up. The fact that it may last throughout the spring and winter is alarming for USA since temperature and precipitation effects from an El-Nino are most effective during the winter.

There is also a chance that El Nino might become strong and it might be the strongest in the last 18-19 years.

As for the weather impacts of El Nino, the following things must be kept in mind-

  • El Nino is not the only factor responsible for weather change. Day to day variations in the weather pattern together with El Nino are the cause.
  • Two El Ninos cannot be exactly same.
  • It’s clearest impact on northern hemisphere weather

From the statistics of the past moderate-strong El Ninos, here is the summary of temperatures and precipitation in US throughout the winter is as follows-

  • Wetter:- Mainly the southern US including the stretch from California to the Carilonas then up parts of East Coast.
  • Drier:- Ohio Valley(parts), Northern Rockies and Great Lakes.
  • Cooler:- Southwest Desert, Northern Gulf Coast and Southern Plains.
  • Warmer:- States in the Pacific Northwest to the northern plains, Great Lakes, North-east.

So, the expected weather for this year is given as-

Precipitation:- The southern tier of the united States, the stretch from central and southern California,  Texas, Florida, and up the East Coast to southern New England is going to have wetter than average condition.

Hawaii, central and western Alaska, parts of the Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies and areas near the Great Lakes and Ohio Valley are expected to have drier than average weather conditions.

Temperature:- West and northern half of the  US, Alaska, Hawaii are going to receive above average temperature. Southern Plains and Southeast are going to have below average temperature.

The predictions also say that cold-air outbreaks and snow storms are likely to occur this winter. In a nutshell, this El Nino is going to be one of the strongest and is going to exert a very strong influence over the weather and climate.