2015 Hurricane Recap

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Even if the 2015 hurricane season has come to a close in the Atlantic and Pacific basins, the results that we can see after its completion are very different when compared to the previous years. With that in mind, we are creating a list with some of the major, most impactful hurricanes that took place during 2015.

The Pacific region is hyperactive

After a very active year in 2014, the Pacific region was very active during 2015 as well. There were 22 tropical cyclones here when compared to only 12 in the Atlantic side. Another record was set by the fact that there were 8 tropical cyclones that formed in the Pacific basin, with the previous record being from 1982 that has only 4 tropical cyclones formed in the region.

El Niño did play a major role this year

El Niño did aid in the creation of many named storms in the central Pacific region and it might have influenced the creation of some strong winds near the Caribbean Sea region. Another important thing to note here is that the hurricane Danny’s intensity was lowered by a simple wind shear.

Category 5 Landfall that didn’t have any fatalities

Hurricane Patricia created a category 5 landfall that had winds which actually reached 200 mph, something that clearly shows the destructive power that hurricanes have nowadays. The small core wind from the Hurricane Patricia thankfully wasn’t in the vicinity of a highly populated area so there were no victims.

Tropical Storm Erika caused flooding in Dominica

On August 27 2015 the Tropical Storm Erika showed that there’s no need for a massive hurricane to cause flooding, instead this tropical storm damaged roads, homes and it even flooded the airport in Dominica as well. 20 people were killed by the Tropical Storm Erika flooding.

Hurricane Joaquin destroyed some regions in Bahamas

Even if September is widely known as being a tame time for hurricanes, the past year Hurricane Joaquin showed that people need to be prepared at all times because disaster can strike out of nowhere. The main target was Crooke island which was destroyed in proportion of around 85%.

65 Atlantic Hurricanes went near Florida but did not hit it

During 2015 there were no less than 65 hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and the region near Florida however none of them hit the state, which is a record as usually Florida is the one that gets hit by such issues.

Tropical Storm Bill spends most of its active time on land

Despite the fact that most hurricanes and storms tend to be more active on water, the Tropical Storm Bill spend most of its life span in 2015 on land, and that lead to major consequences such as flooding in states like Oklahoma and Texas!

Other important hurricane facts for 2015 include the tropical cyclone ANA which was the second earliest cyclone of the year, as well as the Odd Storm Tracks that were found in the Pacific. Not only that, but 2015 was also the year in which 4 hurricanes were active at the same time, a record that was not reached until this point. In conclusion, the 2015 hurricane season was a very demanding one and the authorities need to be prepared in 2016 as well since these storms can come out of nowhere and destroy cities as well as take lives. With the proper research and attention, we will finally be able to deal with these catastrophes once and for all!