Why Backup Generators Are So Essential

Why Backup Generators Are So Essential to South Florida - Personalized Power Systems

Those of us on the East coast are no strangers to hurricanes, which is why preparation is highly essential, especially during the Atlantic hurricane season. Whether you’re in Miami, the hurricane capital of the nation, or somewhere like Texas, it’s absolutely important to have an emergency plan in place, even if it’s projected to be a “slow season”. Within that plan should be a supply list with essentials for the unexpected. One of the most significant tools for preparing is a backup generator to keep your home, family and belongings safe in the event of detrimental power loss.

Hurricanes have a tendency of causing damage to power plants and power poles. However, it typically takes weeks (or longer) to fully restore power to areas that have been heavily impacted by storms, essentially rendering households without a source of electricity for a lengthy amount of time. In order to ensure that you will have power during and after a hurricane, it is recommended to buy a backup generator approximately 9 months before the hurricane season officially begins. Gas generators are known for being accessible and user-friendly. Not to mention, these types of generators are usually more cost-effective and cleaner. Natural gas generators are also an alternative to be considered that offer dependability, the cleanest emissions possible and added safety since the fumes are non-toxic when inhaled in small amounts. Both of these options present an easy-to-find refillable resource, which is important because among the chaos of a hurricane, homeowners shouldn’t have to be consumed with the stress of not being able to replace their generator fuel.

KOHLER has an abundant selection of generators for you to choose from. Ranging in sizes and prices, KOHLER is bound to have the right generator for you whether it is portable, for your house or for a small business. Consumers claim that KOHLER is among the most reliable generator they have had. For this exact reason, these generators are praised over its accessibility, power delivery, and power quality. Not to mention, KOHLER generators have been used to help families get through the unbearable heat during a hurricane-induced power outage. With easy installment and high-quality power production, KOHLER generators will guarantee a bearable, fearless hurricane season.