What to do During a Power Outage

Miami residents know that weather related power outages are a common occurrence when you live in South Florida. Whether it’s the result of an unexpected storm or a hurricane approaching the state, many have experienced the effects of power loss at some point. Granted, some experiences with outages have been worse than others, like the case of Hurricane Wilma in 2005 which left a whopping 3.2 million Floridians without power for weeks at a time! But much like preparing for approaching hurricanes, taking precautions before a power outage occurs will make the experience much more smooth. Keep these tips in mind to stay calm and power through electricity loss:

Have a plan
Like with any other storm, having a plan beforehand is vital. Start by ensuring that every member of your household is aware of the emergency escape plan, should the power outage be associated with a threatening storm. Also make sure to map out precisely where your homes circuit breakers are located to see if a switch was tripped in the event of an outage. Finally, determine if a backup generator is right for you. By investing in a backup generator as your homes energy solution, you’ll add an additional layer of preparedness for storms by keeping your electricity running when you need it most.

Check your equipment
Before an outage occurs, it’s important to check on supplies and equipment. This way you’ll know if it is functioning properly and be able to address any issues that could be a problem later on. If your home already has a backup generator, ensure that it is up-to-date with regular maintenance. Take inventory of flashlights and candles, paying close attention to the battery life of the flashlights. As an extra backup, you should always have spare batteries tucked away for a rainy day and an external charger for mobile devices too. Next, check that you have an adequate amount of non-perishable food and water, as well as food and treats for pets.

Stay Aware and Alert
The most important thing to remember when a power outage occurs is to remain calm, aware and alert. Keep a battery operated radio nearby so you can stay tuned to any important updates that might affect your home and situation. In addition, make sure that every family member is aware of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. Because of this hazardous gas, backup generators, outdoor grills and vehicles should NEVER be operated in tight, enclosed spaces like a home or a garage. Some of the warning signs of Carbon Monoxide poisoning include headaches, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath and weakness.