Tips to Prepare for Hurricanes in Texas

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Those that happen to be in Texas during hurricane season have to deal with a potential hurricane threat.

Preparing for Texas Hurricanes

Knowing ahead of time that a hurricane may be in the forecast allows you the necessary time to gather all the necessary items that you may need during the storm and after it. Being aware of the items you will need, is the first step:

  • Gather at least a 3 day supply of non-perishable food and water and basic utensils
  • Blankets, extra clothing, and small toys for the kids or board games for the family
  • First Aid kit
  • Prescription drugs
  • Important documents
  • Road map in case of evacuation
  • Telephone numbers of family
  • Cash
  • Extra keys for home and vehicles
  • Battery operated lighting source
  • Battery operated radio

In addition, having a generator that you can rely on to provide you with power would be ideal. Make sure that all of these items are retained in a storm proof area where you can access them during and after the hurricane.

Stay in tuned each day to the weather information so you may become aware of a pending hurricane as early as possible. Being prepared for a hurricane threat will help you to sustain your lifestyle during and after this weather.

During the Texas Hurricane

While Texas hurricanes can be considered short in duration, that short period of time can be devastating. It is highly important that you have a designated safe area to retreat to while the hurricane is active. This should be a pre-planned area and should also be where your survival items are.

Following the Hurricane

This is where you are now going to have to rely on all of your Texas hurricane preparedness; for how long will depend on the havoc that the storm has created. Make sure you rely on the communication of authorities in regards to evacuation. You will want to immediately assess any damage to your personal property, but you also need to be aware of damage that has been created in your geographical area as well in case you need to leave your home.

Overall, these few actionable steps can help keep you safe during Hurricane season in Huston, Texas. Prepare in advance and you can help you and your family stay safe.