The Negative Effects of a Noisy Generator

A recent article published in the Washington Post discussed the negative effects of owning a noisy generator and how it can adversely affect your quality of life. What would happen if you woke up to the sounds created by all of your neighbors using their noisy generators? Residents of Montgomery County in Maryland have been experiencing this.

Blackouts due to winter storms have led these residents to run their home generators to protect their assets and continue enjoying the comforts of electricity. Although the benefits of the generators are many, neighbors are now also suffering from lack of sleep, due to the constant noise of the generators they own.

The Washington Post interviewed Arthur Bennett, one of the residents, who explained, “as soon as the power goes out, the generators come on,” he went on to describe the noise produced by the generators as “a bunch of lawnmowers running all night; it means I don’t sleep very well.”

The good news is that there is a way to keep protecting your assets as well as continue to have power during a blackout, without the noise. The IndoorGenerator PowerCube can do this. It is not only affordable, but it is also silent. According to Personalized Power Systems’ website, it “powers computers, medical equipment, refrigerators, fish tanks, and more…”

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