Sizing up a Home Gas Generator to Get You through Hurricane Season

There are a lot of necessary items to have on hand during hurricane seasons but one thing you really need to do is to check out home gas generators for hurricane season, so you are prepared well ahead of time.

By doing an assessment of what your requirements are during a power outage that will surely occur during the storm season, you can make the right choice from the many generators for storms that are on the market.

You also need to take into account the area where you live and the frequency of hurricanes that you may be exposed to in order for you to choose from the best emergency standby generators for your needs.

While it is easy to just go to your local store and pick a generator off the shelf, this doesn’t mean that you are going to get the one that you require for your needs. For example, a two-family home has different requirements than a family of four. Those with health issues may have a greater need for more power than those that don’t. You also have to determine what are the “must haves” that are going to require power aside from the “nice-to-haves.”

If you are prepared to just live with the very basics that will get you through a storm such as your refrigerator, the sump pump, your microwave and the TV, then you can get away with an emergency standby generator that comprises of 4,000 watts. This will also allow you to use a few lights. While this may be adequate for a few hours or even a day, you need to ask yourself: if you have to rely on this for any longer, is it going to be enough? If the answer is no, then you want to step it up a notch which means taking a look at generators for hurricane season in the mid-sized range.

Midsized generators for hurricane season

When you are looking at these models they should be within the 5,000 to 8,500 watt range. You are going to be able to power all of the items that the smaller version does include a small heating system, another sump pump which may be really important, as well as a computer and some additional lights. The computer option may be important for you to be able to notify family that you have weathered the storm safely, and you can also keep on top of the storm updates.

Large-sized generators for storms

While with the other choices you really have the necessities covered may just want to extend the benefits that emergency standby generators can offer with the larger sized comprised of 10,000 to 15,000 watts. Not being able to shower with hot water for a few days, or do laundry after a hurricane can be a real hassle. With the large-sized generators however, you will be able to power your water heater as well as your washer or dryer.

Now you have a little insight as to what sized generators for hurricane season are going to bring you the benefits that you most need to rely on during storm season.