Hurricane Recovery: Big Challenge for Generator Dealers

This recent article is certainly an interesting read because it examines the aftereffects of the recent major hurricane, Sandy, which devastated major parts of the United States. 17 months later and many families are still actively seeking hurricane recovery from the catastrophe that ensued as a result from the hurricane. Many of the families affected supported the “Build it Back” initiative put in place by Bill de Blasio, but have yet to see any advancements even months later.

How exactly do these challenges affect generator dealers? Ultimately, after events like Hurricane Sandy, the demand for generators witnesses an inevitable increase. However, people are more so invested specifically in rebuilding their homes and communities after hurricane damage.

The article referenced above makes it evident that hurricane recovery is a long-term process that spans over 24 months for communities in its entirety. Using Hurricane Sandy as an example, many are promised aid and relief and endure countless battles with insurance companies, building regulations, and rising rent costs, which ultimately land a major blow to those families finances.

With all these challenges placed in front of families, many grow mentally, physically, and financially exhausted. Having them shell out another $8,000 to $15,000 for a generator, which is a beneficial long-term investment nonetheless, seems to be a bit of a stretch given all the other factors. In the long run, this poses to be a major challenge for generator dealers time and time again.