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Florida and Texas Counties With The Highest Risk Of Being Hit By A Hurricane

As we reach the peak of this hurricane season, many residents of Florida and Houston, Texas continue with the preparation process, to safeguard their homes and their families. Below are two graphics from the National Hurricane Center showing which counties in the states of Florida and Texas have the highest risk of being hit by a hurricane.

As the images above illustrate, counties in Florida and Texas shown in yellow, orange and red have the highest number of strikes by a hurricane.  In Florida these include: Miami-Dade, Monroe, Broward, Collier and Palm Beach. In Texas, the counties most affected are: Harris, Galveston, Chambers and Jefferson.

All of these regions have had a direct hit by at least 8 hurricanes from 1900-2010. Living in coastal locations you are always at risk of being hit by a hurricane.  Keeping this information in mind, residents should continue their preparatory steps by purchasing a quality Propane-gas generator.

Residents should contact an expert, such as Personalized Power Systems. They will help in choosing the right generator for your home, as well as, take care of the installation process. Living without power should not be an option, when quality generators are within reach.

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