Fall Cleaning: Backup Generator Maintenance

As we slowly begin to usher in the holiday season, many are already staying abreast of the Fall season by getting started on their autumn cleaning. Naturally, Fall cleaning calls for clearing out closets, cleaning ceiling fans and we can’t forget about backup generator maintenance, of course! With hurricane season drawing its curtains at the end of the month, it’s the perfect time to start preparing your home by making sure your backup generator is still performing up to speed. Especially with those pesky Fall showers that areas like Miami are known for!


A backup generator can protect your home from unexpected power outages and add a very important layer of storm preparation. Usually, a standby generator can operate for many hours throughout the year, but when it is a “quiet” year, it can operate for as little as 24 hours, if even that! With little usage, it’s important to perform backup generator maintenance to ensure your unit is at tip-top performance and you’re covered. Use these generator maintenance tips to keep your handy standby unit at it’s peak performance.


  • One of the easiest ways to perform backup generator maintenance is to simply run your standby unit and allow it to get some usage, especially if it hasn’t been used recently.
  • Clean your generators surroundings. Make sure that there are no leaves or stray animals taking up residence in your homes power solution.
  • Check your backup generators oil level when not in use. If the unit has recently been used, it is advised to wait before checking since it allows time for the generator to filter all the oil back. Be sure it isn’t overfilled or below the recommended amount.
  • Listen to your generator to see if it is making any strange noises or there is any reason to schedule generator repair from a certified professional.
  • Create a schedule to regularly perform your backup generator maintenance throughout the year and ensure optimal performance, so that when hurricane season rolls around again, you’ll be prepared