5 Signs for Heater Replacement

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As we prepare for another winter season, there are several preparatory steps that we must take to ensure that our home is as comfortable as possible for the colder days ahead. This involves ensuring that your heating system is at its optimal working condition.

If you have had your heater for some time, you may be wondering if it is time to replace it. Heaters normally last 15 to 25 years, depending on the quality of their maintenance. As a result, it may be hard to tell if a replacement is required. In this article, we will go over the four common signs that indicate a new heater installation in Boca Raton.

Loud Noises

When you hear loud and unusual noises coming from your heater, it may be time for a new heater installation in Boca Raton. Loud noises usually indicate loose and broken parts within the heater. Despite the fact that some of them can be fixed by a heating technician when the noise persists even after multiple repairs, a new heater may be needed.

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Yellow Pilot Light

If you have a furnace in your home, you can also check its pilot light to see if the furnace is functioning correctly. If the pilot light is blue, that means that it is in good working condition and is supplying the right amount of heat to your home.

However, if you see a yellow light flashing instead of a blue, there may be a problem with the levels of oxygen within the furnace. In fact, you may be feeling the effects of that yellow light because in these instances, the heater does not produce enough warm air. If you see this happening in your home, give Personalized Power systems a call to see if you require a new heater installation in Boca Raton.

Excessive Repairs

How many times have you hired a heater repair technician over the last couple of years? If you feel that your repair services are getting excessive, it may be time for a new heating system. This factor isn’t all that surprising because, with normal wear and tear, the heater will require more and more repairs. These repairs will cost money and will increase in complexity over time. Eventually, though, that heater will break down completely and not work at all.

Increased Energy Bills

Have you noticed that your energy bills have been increasing over the years as you use your heating system? If your heater is older, it will require the use of more energy to produce the same amount of heat to warm your home. These decreased levels of efficiency will inevitably increase the energy bills you pay on a monthly basis. Without a timely heater installation in Boca Raton, your old heater will cost you a lot of money in monthly operational costs. on a monthly basis.

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Lack of Warm Air

The main purpose of a heater is to keep us warm when it is cold and frigid outside. So when the heater does not produce enough warm air, or any at all, this may indicate a great problem. If you’re constantly having to adjust the thermostat to produce more heat, You may be due for a new heater installation in Boca Raton.

Aside from a possible installation, there also may be a problem with the ducks or air filters that circulate the air throughout the home. If they are clogged, they will block the airflow. This would have to be thoroughly investigated by a heater repair technician.

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