4 Steps to Hurricane-Proof Your Home

It’s never too early to prepare for hurricane season. Torrential rains, flooding and devastating winds can damage homes and disrupt family life. Personalized Power Systems has been around long enough to share some expert advice on surviving these types of natural disasters. Take the time to secure your home by following these four basic steps that will help prevent costly damages.

1. Conduct a home inventory
A home inventory can be useful in case you need to file an insurance claim due to severe weather damage. Use a video camera or take photos to record your possessions, and try to collect receipts of valuable items for proof.

2. Secure all openings
If your garage door isn’t secure, you risk having your roof torn off by strong winds that creep into the house. Make sure your garage door is secure by checking to see if it has a pressure-rating sticker. If it doesn’t, make sure to reinforce the door with plywood or steel, or consider talking to a contractor to explore your options. Windows are another weak spot for hurricane damage. You can install impact resistant windows or window shutters in your home to protect against flying debris.

3. Trim trees and branches
Property damage and personal injury from tree branches are a common occurrence every hurricane season. Trim trees near your home and branches hanging close to power lines. Checking for broken branches, leaning trees and insect infestations is also a good idea.

4. Personalized Power Systems has the power
Once a hurricane passes, many are often left in the dark for days. Preparing your home for power outages will prevent major discomfort from lack of AC, light, hot water, Internet and electrical appliances. Personalized Power Systems will have the perfect generator systems for your home which will keep your family safe and secure.